• Marvel Comics/NBC Team-Up: Saturday Night Live & Spider-Man

    In 1978 Marvel Comics teamed up with NBC to deliver the notorious Marvel Team-Up #74, featuring castmembers of Saturday Night Live during the Bill Murray/John Belushi/Dan Aykroyd era.  And, well, former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter tells it best (from his blog at http://www.jimshooter.com/2011/09/animal-house.html): “Sometime in early 1978, Chris Claremont proposed that Spider-Man meet the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” in an issue of Marvel Team-Up. For any of you … Read More →
  • 4 Reasons Howard the Duck Deserves a Cinematic Reboot!

    Alert, Spoiler Up Ahead!  Howard the Duck recently made a splash with his unexpected cameo in an after-credits scene.. ..of the blockbuster Marvel comics movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  Howard was such a successful comic book character in the 1970s that he eventually landed his own movie treatment in 1986, produced by George Lucas and shot by Lucasfilm, Lucas’ production company.  The film was anything but a smashing success when … Read More →
  • 1-900 X-Men

    The wacky phone game from Phone Programs USA, Inc.! Only $1.75 first minute, 75¢ each additional minute! Void in MD, AZ, VA, GA and where prohibited. Sorry, Arizona! The “X-Men Adventure Game” (which basically amounts to pressing various numbers on a telephone) only costs $.75 a minute and ends November 1, 1991 – so act now! 4 easy steps to play – it’s just that easy!  Select your character.  Does which one you pick … Read More →
  • This Month in Comics! Transformers Vs GI Joe #1, Rocket Raccoon, Guardians Galaxy

    transformers vs gi joe subscription variant #1
    In this month’s rundown: an 80s nostalgia fest of robots, army heroes and intergalactic movie-star bounty hunters! Transformers Vs Gi Joe #1 Featuring the nostalgia-drenched style of artist Tom Scioli, who creates fun filled artwork that looks like it might have been done by a talented teenage holdover from the 80s, even going so far as to use crayon in some of the coloring!  We are offering three different editions … Read More →
  • Retro Comic Book Ads! The 1980s

    Super Cobra video game Parker Brothers 1984
    Who is Spider-Man’s “Dream Girl” and more importantly.. WHAT’S HER FAVORITE SNACK CAKE? Hostess Cupcakes Spider-Man Ad, 1981 In 1981 Hostess teamed up with Marvel for this comic book styled ad featuring the fan-favorite web slinger. A sign of simpler times, when Spidey was free to hawk sugary goods to kids while helping Peter Parker get laid.  Hostess started running these ads in the late 70s and they continued on into the … Read More →