Empire of the Dead (2014 Series, Marvel) #2 by George Romero


Comic book horror series from George Romero (Night of the Living Dead) and Marvel Comics!

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Near Mint condition comic book!
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IT’S ZOMBIES VS VAMPIRES—WITH HUMANS CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE— AS THE LEGENDARY GEORGE ROMERO UNLEASHES HIS NEXT UNDEAD EPIC! Welcome to New York years after the eruption of an undead plague—a city not only teeming with roaming zombies, but also ruled by vampires!Meanwhile, in the pit of the bloody Circus Maximus, can anything stop the unchained fury of the zombie gladiator known as Zanzibar?Plus: It’s a terrorizing team-up in variant cover form when the Zombie Godfather George Romero unites with the Zombie King Arthur Suydam!
Published by Marvel Comics, 2014

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