Evil Ernie Youth Gone Wild Encore 1-5 Complete Story Set!


Evil Ernie and Lady Death in their best horror story!

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A complete set of what I consider to be the best Evil Ernie storyline – Youth Gone Wild!

Youth Gone Wild issues #1-5, Encore editions.
All of these issues are clean Fine/Very Fine condition books.  Pictures are of actual items!
Ernest Fairchild is a very disturbed young man.  Heavily bound and restrained, he is a mental patient beyond the help of any normal method of psychiatric care.  His mind is a turmoil of death and destructive fantasies, and from that demented mind springs a beautiful woman called Lady Death, who rises from the grave and promises him eternal love if he’ll agree to one simple demand – destroying all human life on earth!
Published by Chaos Comics, 1996-1997


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