Human Fly #1 (1977 Series, Marvel)


Bronze age Marvel Comics book from 1977 guest starring Spider-Man!

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Very Good condition bronze age Marvel comic books!
1st Print
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“”Death-Walk!” Written by Bill Mantlo with artwork by Lee Elias. Guest-starring Spider-Man. The Human Fly character, created by Bill Mantlo, is based on real-life stuntman Rick Rojatt.  The Human Fly is a man that was severely injured in a car crash. After a reconstructive surgery that laced 60% of his skeleton with steel, the Fly now performs daredevil stunts to benefit various charities. The Human Fly is accompanied by a close knit group of allies with varying skills that assist him in his stunts and his adventures. In this first exciting adventure, the Human Fly attempts to save a jet airliner from hijackers, while it’s still in the skies over Texas. Luckily, the Amazing Spider-Man is on hand to lend a hand.  1st appearance of Human Fly.”
Published by Marvel Comics, 1977

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